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    • 4 Outdoor Furniture Brands That Will Transform Your Backyard

      4 July 2022

      These days, the outdoor living space is one of the most important parts of the home. Once the weather warms up, it’s where we cook, entertain and play with friends and family, which is why it’s always worth investing in high-quality patio furniture. Whether you’re just moving in, getting ready to put your home on the market or simply need to revamp your outdoor seating area, these outdoor furniture brands are sure to transform any backyard.

      When it comes to outdoor woven furniture, Dedon brings an unmatched level of style. This German-based brand has an extensive range of modern furnishings that are weather-resistant and give any backyard a sophisticated look that’s worthy of a five-star resort. A few of their more iconic pieces that are sure to stand out are the hanging lounge chair, the swinging daybed and the orbit loveseat. 

      Through sleek lines, bold geometric shapes and whimsical colors, Kettal has established itself as one the most sought-after outdoor furniture brands. Their timeless pieces can effortlessly blend into any setting, from traditional to contemporary, and ensure that your pool area is always Instagram-worthy.

      For Sutherland Furniture, it’s all about handcrafted quality. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, this world-renowned brand thoughtfully designs and builds each piece to satisfy the most exacting standards. With collections such as Great Camps, Lakeshore and Beachside, you can find the perfect outdoor furniture for every type of luxury home. 

      JANUS et Cie
      From luxurious daybeds to elegant al fresco dining tables, JANUS et Cie has everything you need to furnish your outdoor oasis. In fact, you’ve probably already taken comfort in their products, as JANUS et Cie has partnered with a wide range of luxury hotels, including The Ritz-Carlton, the Four Seasons and The Peninsula Hotels, to name a few.

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    • 5 Ways to Add a Statement Wall to Your Home

      4 July 2022

      These days, it’s all too easy to follow a simple formula when it comes to interior design. If you want your home to stand out from the rest, however, you need to get a little creative. Adding a statement wall is the perfect way to set your living space apart and infuse some personality. Here are several ways that you can do just that.

      Commissioning an artist to paint a custom mural in your home is a surefire way to make a design statement. You can transform any room with a life-sized work of art that will instantly become the visual centerpiece and make a memorable impression on all of your guests. 

      Accent Color
      Of course, simply painting an accent wall is another option for breaking the mold. Depending on the look you’re going for, you can introduce a bright shade to energize the room or try a darker tone for a sleek and moody ambience. 

      Hand-Painted Wallpaper
      Whether it’s an elegant Chinoiserie pattern or a traditional landscape, hand-painted wallpaper is an excellent way to make a wall grab one’s attention. There are endless styles and themes to choose from to complement any setting and instantly give your home an artisanal focal point. 

      Natural Stone
      Is there anything more dramatic than a marble-clad wall in the dining room? Or, for a more rustic look, you can try a traditional stone wall juxtaposed with modern appliances in the kitchen. Natural stone can work with a wide range of design styles and is sure to make a statement in any part of the home.

      Fabric Wall Covering
      If you like the idea of wallpaper, but want something more textured, a fabric wall covering like linen, mohair or even velvet can create a stunning visual element. This sophisticated style works particularly well in a den, office or library, and will add a surprising design aesthetic that visitors will certainly take note of.

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    • 4 Must-Have Features for the Perfect Lake Home

      4 July 2022

      With all the natural beauty and outdoor activities that come with it, it’s hard to beat lakeside living. Perhaps that’s why so many luxury homeowners choose to purchase a lake home for their second property. If this sounds familiar, here are a few features to keep an eye out for when looking for the ideal lakeside retreat.

      Private Dock
      If you want to take full advantage of living on the water, then having your own dock is an absolute must. Even if you don’t have a boat, a dock is perfect for all sorts of activities, like swimming, fishing or even creating a small seating area where you can take in the surrounding natural beauty. If you do have a boat, then it probably goes without saying that you’ll appreciate being able to keep it right in your backyard.

      Outdoor Living Space
      When you’re not spending time on the water, chances are you’ll still want to be outside. That’s why it’s important for the home to have thoughtfully designed outdoor living spaces that can be enjoyed at all hours of the day. From a well-equipped barbecue station where you can grill elaborate meals to a fire pit that everyone can gather around in the evenings, the lake will provide the perfect backdrop for any outdoor activity.

      Storage Space
      It might not be the first thing that comes to mind, but storage space is a key consideration for every lake home. After all, if you plan on boating, kayaking and fishing, you’ll need ample room to store all of your equipment and watercrafts when not in use. In this regard, a property that boasts a large garage or outbuilding can certainly make life a lot easier.

      Breathtaking Views
      Of course, when you are inside, you’ll probably want your lake home to showcase incredible views throughout. Oversized windows and glass doors are key to capturing dramatic vistas in every room so you and your guests can soak up the stunning scenery as soon as you wake up each morning. 

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    • How to Deal With Sibling Rivalry

      1 July 2022

      Hearing your kids argue with each other can be frustrating and aggravating. Some rivalry between siblings is to be expected due to factors such as birth order, but if it escalates to the point that your kids are frequently yelling at each other, calling each other names or physically hurting each other, you may have to step in to calm them down and teach them healthier ways to interact.

      What to Do When Your Kids are Fighting
      Kids often fight with each other to get their parents’ attention. If you ignore an argument, your kids may stop fighting when they realize that it isn’t achieving their desired result.

      If the conflict is serious, you may have to step in to defuse the situation. Don’t immediately take sides. You may not have seen or heard everything that led up to the argument. Your kids may be fighting about a toy right now, but they may actually be angry at each other for a completely unrelated reason. The toy may simply be an excuse to take out their frustrations. 

      Ask what the argument is about and give each child an opportunity to speak without being interrupted. It’s normal for kids to get emotional if they feel that they aren’t being treated fairly. Encourage them to be calm, but don’t cut them off if they’re upset because not being heard will probably make them even angrier.

      Once you have determined what the fight was about, figure out if anyone should be punished. You may have to apply the same consequence to both children. For example, if they refuse to share a toy, you can put it away so neither can play with it. Whenever possible, help your kids find a solution instead of doling out punishments.

      How to Prevent Fights
      Sibling rivalry often occurs because kids feel that parents favor one child over another. Spend time with each child individually every day doing things that that child wants to do. 

      Recognize and Celebrate What Makes Your Kids Unique 
      Focus on praising each child’s positive qualities, whatever they may be, rather than using labels or comparing siblings. Encourage each child to pursue his or her goals, even if they are completely different from those of other family members. 

      Spend Time Doing Fun Things as a Family 
      Forging happy memories of shared experiences can help siblings bond. Those positive emotional connections can make siblings more willing to share, look at things from the other person’s point of view, cooperate and work together to find mutually agreeable solutions when a conflict arises. 

      Set a Positive Example For Your Kids 
      When you get upset at a child or at your spouse, stay calm and communicate in a way that focuses on finding solutions. Modeling that type of behavior will teach your children how to handle stress and conflict in positive ways. 

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    • The Best Way to Grow an Herb Garden

      1 July 2022

      If your jarred spices are out-of-date and flavorless or if you’re frustrated by wasting store-bought fresh herbs that wilt before you can use them all, there’s one simple solution: Grow your own herbs. Here are some tips and advice from the experts at Epicurious to get you started:

      Plant Outside, if Possible - Herbs grow best in full sun, meaning at least six hours of direct sunlight a day. So planting your herbs outside presents the ideal environment. This will also help you avoid the detrimental effects of a dry indoor atmosphere, which can lead to pests. To make an outdoor herb garden super convenient, plant them in pots right outside your kitchen door or mounted in a window box beneath your kitchen window. This will allow you to water and snip them for cooking with ease.

      Plan for Proper Light Inside - If you need to keep your herb garden indoors—or if you want to grow herbs year-round—strategize ways to ensure they’re receiving the proper amount of sunlight. If you have an unobstructed south-facing window, set up your herb garden here. If not, set up a plant light on a timer to guarantee the proper amount of light. Even if you do have your herbs in a south-facing window, they’ll need this more intense dose of light in winter.

      Start With Baby Plants - While it may be tempting to grow your herbs from seed, this route is only for serious gardeners as seeds need weeks to germinate in advance. Instead, start your garden with small herb plants purchased at the store.

      Grow What You Eat - While there’s a plethora of interesting-sounding herbs you could plant, stick to what you actually eat most often. Otherwise, your efforts and space will go to waste.

      Trim Properly - Herbs are just like any other plant, therefore, trimming them must be done with care. Don’t be tempted to simply chop off leaves indiscriminately for cooking. Do some research on your various herbs to find out when and how to trim them. A general rule of thumb, however, is to never let them bloom; as budding begins, the plant will send energy to the flower instead of the leaves, so be sure to trim blooms off as soon as you see them. 

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